Create a Sitemap and submit it to Google

Sitemaps are invaluable for getting your website quickly ranked on Google or Grow Your Website.

What is Sitemap:

Sitemap is a (.xml) file. Search engines can easily understand the structure and category of your website through a sitemap. The sitemap indexes all the information on your website in different ways.

Sitemap Creation Rules:

If you can’t create a sitemap manually, no problem. Now there are some websites that automatically generate a sitemap when you link to your website. Today I will show you such a website. To do this, enter the website address. Click Here
After visiting this website, paste your website address in the search box and click on the Start button. After a while, the sitemap for the website will be created. From there, download the sitemap of the website and upload the root file of your site. If you are using WordPress, you can solve it by installing the Yoast SEO plugin, it auto-generates for the sitemap. This way you can easily create a sitemap.

Google Website Submission Rules:

In order for Google to recognize your website, you need to submit your sitemap to Google. Click on this link
. After going to Search Console> Add Property, you have to give the address of the website, then a page will come to verify the baby site. Click on the HTML file option. You will be given an HTML code. Copy that code and paste it in the root (www) or (public_html) file of the website. Then verify by clicking the verify button.
After verification, you will get an option called Sitemap. There you will see the full address of your website. Now your sitemap in the blank box. Enter .xml and click on the submit button. Now you will see that Success Flower will give you a message. This way you can successfully index the sitemap in Google.

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