Earn 300 to 400 taka per day from Presearch with your mobile, tablet, and laptop devices

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There are very few people who do not use the Internet. We use the internet to search for any information on Google. Did you know that you can earn money by searching for Google from the internet? The research company has created such a webpage for us. We can earn 300 to 400 rupees per day by typing the keyword that we search on Google in Presearch.

Presearch Income Rules:

If you see the name of the presearch, then the search is done before searching. It’s not complicated. The way we search on Google, we have to search in the same way in search and this search result is displayed through Google. The only difference is that you are searching for without searching on And you will be given a coin to go to this Presearch and search. It will also get you out of what you are looking for.

How to create an account in Presearch:

Enter this link to create an account. Click Hereā€¦
After the new page opens, submit with your name and email address. Then you will see the extension called PreSearch. Searching in this search box like Google, you will get that search result through Google, and you will get presearch coin 25 for each search.

Rules for withdrawing coin earned in Presearch:

According to the current rules, a minimum of 1000 Presearch tokens or coins is required from Presearch. This means that when your balance is 1000 Presearch coin, then you can withdraw. To cash in Presearch, you first need to open an account in the exchange market where Presearch is bought and sold.
This way you can earn income from Presearch.

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